Welcome to our FAQ’s section.

The Ministry of Commerce, Tourism and Labour is pleased to announce a new fully online filing system for companies, business licences and business names. The new system will allow all people to file their documents online and to complete searches of the registry for free.

If you already have a company or a business licence you don’t have to do anything at first. All of your information in the current registry will be migrated into the new system.

If you have a business name registration, a new law requires you to re-register that name within three months starting December 1. The reason why is because the new system has been aligned to receive information required by the new Business Names law. Therefore, all existing business names must be re-registered so as to provide the proper information. Re-registration is free.

If you’re question is not answered below, please try searching the site or contacting us directly.

Question: Will my business information be visible to the public?

Yes. Public information about your registered entity will be visible. For companies this means such things as director names, business address and registered office address are on view. This information has already been online for several years.  For business licences the owner’s name, business address and business activities will be presented. For business names the names of the owners and the business address will be viewable.

Question: My business entity’s details have a spelling mistake or other discrepancies, what should I do?

Answer: It is your responsibility to ensure the details of companies you are responsible for are correct on the register.  If there is an error you should amend the entity record through the proper filing.  However, if you feel an error has been made by the Registry staff please contact the Ministry.

Question: Why does certain website content not display properly?

Answer: Your browser may be running an older version that is not supported by us. The website works best with ANY of following browsers: Internet Explorer version 8 or above; Mozilla Firefox version 3.6 or above; Google Chrome; Safari.

Question: I am unable to view some documents on the website–what should I do?

Your internet browser may have pop-up blockers turned on.  You will need to either turn them off or allow pop-ups for this site.  Otherwise, you may have difficulty viewing certificates and extracts produced by the system.

Question: Do I need to register an account to perform a business entity search?

Answer: No registration is required.