Maintain a company’s details

You are required to maintain accurate and up-to-date information about your company in the registry.  You may do so by submitting paper filings to the registry or you may maintain your company’s details online.  To update or maintain any company details online:

1.    You will need to be logged on as a registered user of the website; and
2.    Have Company Authority for the company.

Step 1 – Locate the company to update

  • From the ‘Register Services’ menu choose Update Company Details then choose which details you need to update (Company addresses, director details, shares or shareholders, company name, etc).
  • Find the company by entering some search criteria (for example, either the company name or the company number).
  • From the Search Results select the company to update.

Step 2- Update the company’s details

Once you have located the company to maintain, you can update the following details:


Companies are required to update the companies register with any address changes. Update company address details online for free.


The companies register contains details of each company director such as their full legal name, residential address and date of appointment. As these details change, the changes must also be recorded on the register.

Company name

You can change the registered company name online, provided that you also pay a fee.

Company constitution

After incorporation a company may decide to adopt or amend its company constitution.