Searching for a director or shareholder

Using the “Register Role Search” tool you can determine whether an individual is, or has been, a director of a company.  The screen allows you to search not only for directors and shareholders but also owners of business names and business licences.

1. Standard person search

Go to the “Register Services” tab and select “Role Search.”  You may enter the name of the person you wish to search, then select the register (companies, business names, business licences, or all) and click “Search.”  The system will return all matching results and you can click on any result to go to that entity’s records.

2. Advanced Search

Once you are on the search screen, click on Advanced Search and additional search options will appear.  You may select any criteria you wish to use to filter your search results.  For example, you could search on companies for which a person is either actively serving as a director or only those companies for which a person was formerly a director.

Begin by specifying whether you want to search for:

  • Just directors, or
  • Just shareholders, or
  • Director & shareholders, or
  • Owners of business licences or business names

You can further customise your search based upon such things as whether a person is still active in the entity, its location, and by specifying the entity’s location, whether it is a local or overseas company.