Companies Schedule of Fees

Form01_Application for Registration of a Company (Local)

Form02_Application for Name Reservation

Form03_Director Consent

Form04_Annual Return (Local)

Form05_Change of Directors

Form06_Director Consent Existing Company

Form07_Change Name (Local)

Form08_Notice Adoption Alteration Constitution

Form09_Notice Issue Shares

Form10_Notice Approval Issue Shares


Form 11A_Particulars of Shareholders & Share_Transfer

Form12_Notice Change Registered Office

Form13_Notice Change Address Service

Form13B_Notice Change Share Register

Form13C_Notice Company Records

Form13D_Notice Accounting Records


Form14A_Director Consent Amalgamated

Form14B_Court Order Amalgamation

Form15_Request Remove Company

Form16_Board Certificate Consideration


Form17_Registration (Overseas Company)

Form18_Annual_Return (Overseas Company)

Form19_Change Principal Place (Overseas)

Form21_Notice Change Name (Overseas)

Form22_Change of Directors (Overseas)

Form23_Change Authorised Person (Overseas)

Form23A_Change of Address for Communication (Overseas)

Form24_Notice Cease Business (Overseas)

Form25_Application Remove (Overseas)

Form26_Application by a company to register as Tongan company(Overseas)

Form27_Notice Proposed Compromise (Overseas)

Form27A_Notice Vote Compromise

Form28_Notice Board Resolution

Form29_Appointment of Liquidator

Form30_First Liquidator Report

Form31_Periodic Liquidator Report

Form32_Final Liquidator Report

Form33_Notice Vacancy Liquidator

Form34_Notice Change Liquidator

Form35_Court Order to enforce liquidators report

Form36_Notice of objection to removal from register

Form37_Application restoration register

Form38_Objection to Restoration to the Register