How to register a Business Licence

The registration process in general

To obtain your business licence using a paper filing all you need to do is submit the application to the Ministry.  If you wish to register online, or to maintain an existing business licence online, you will first need a Business Registries account.  Please visit the “Help and Support” tab on the main menu and select “How to use Online Services.”  Once you have completed the user registration process described there you may file online.

Registering a business licence is easy, just follow these specific steps:

Getting a Business Licence is super easy!!

Simply complete the application for a business licence registration (Form 1) and pay the fee.

To set up and start a business the followings steps are requirements that one is required to fulfill:

STEP 1 : Completing the Application Form

Application for a Business Licence is to be made under prescribed Form 1, which is to be submitted to the Registrar together with the prescribed application fee of T$100 (15% CT to be included).

Form 1: Application Form

Form Requirements Details that needs to be noted and provided
Business Name Must determine what name to use on the business licence. If one decides to use any other name other than their own name then they are required to register that name under the Registration of Business Name Act 2013.
Details of the Owner(s) Must provide the true name and business address of each person or entity that has an ownership or other control interest in the business to be transacted under the business name.NATURAL PERSON : If the owner(s) is a natural person, you must provide their true legal name and other pertinent information.REGISTERED ENTITIES : If the owner(s) is an entity registered with the Registrar, you must provide the exact registered name and the registration number.  If the owner(s) is a partnership or unregistered organization, you must provide the true legal name and address of each partner and managing person.
Beneficial Owner Must show his/her name (surname first), and full residential address
Ownership Structure Must identify business ownership structure
Ownership Composition Must identify the ownership composition of the business whether it is owned by majority male, female or equally owned by both.
Addresses PRINCIPAL PLACE OF BUSINESS : Must provide the primary address at which business is conducted.  It must be a specific street/location.  A PO Box is not allowed.ADDITIONAL PLACES OF BUSINESS:  Must list down all additional locations at which business will be conducted.
Business Activity Must identify the proposed activity or activities of the business
Sector Specific Requirements If you are engaged in certain business activities you may be required to obtain other governmental approvals, permits or satisfactory inspection results. By submitting the application for business licence you certify under penalty of law that all such governmental approvals, permits or satisfactory inspection results have been obtained or will be obtained prior to commencing business.
Foreign Investor NOTICE: If applicant is a foreign investor then a Foreign Investment Certificate is required before the issuance of a business licence
Signed by Authorised Persons Application must be signed by the owner or authorized person(s)

** If you are using a business name and have not registered it, you may find additional information on what to do here.