How to use Online Services


The Ministry encourages you to submit your filings online.  There are several benefits to taking this step.  First, using the online services means that you will not have to visit the Ministry or wait for the mail to journey our office.  Instead, you will be able to conduct business from your own location.  There are also some filings that cost less to make online rather than by paper, what better reason could there be to Go Online?

Authority and why it is important for you

You need to have authority over your company, business licence or business name if you want to make filings online.  This requires a two-step registration process. This process is intended to prevent the general public from lodging documents against a business for which they have no legal right to act. If nobody has authority to use the online services then you will only be allowed to submit paper filings for your business entity.

How do I obtain authority?

All persons wishing to make online filings must first register as a general client of the registry. You may do so by submitting an application online.  Simply click on the “Logon” link on the upper right hand of this page.  There you will see a logon page for your user ID and password.  If you are registering for the first time, click on “New User” and then follow the onscreen prompts to provide the required biographical information.  Once completed you will be a registered user of the new online services.  However, you will still need to gain authority over the individual company business name or business licence for which you wish to submit filings.  There are two ways to do this depending upon whether you have filed a new entity online or are seeking to gain authority over an existing entity.

Gaining authority for companies, business licences and business names formed online

For new companies, business name and business licence that are filed online, the online applicant is automatically granted authority.  There is no need to take any further steps.

Gaining authority for existing companies, business licence and business names

For existing companies you will need to obtain authority from the Registrar. To do so follow these steps:

  1. Logon using your registry client Username and Password
  2. Search for the company over which you wish to gain authority. Under its name you will see a link to request authority over that entity. Click on that link.
  3. Complete the details requested on the next page.
  4. Submit your request to the Registrar by clicking on “Submit.”
  5. If your request is approved you will receive an email informing you of this and then you can transact business online for that company.
  6. If the Registrar has additional questions you will be contacted. This could include asking further questions about your identity or your relationship with the company.  Please be patient with these questions if asked as they are intended to provide an extra layer of security for your business.

What type of person can gain authority?

Company authority is granted to directors of the company and also certain agents such as accountants and lawyers (and if relevant, company secretaries).  Owners of business licences and business names also can have authority over those entities.

Who can grant or take away authority?

There are two different types of authority – one that applies to directors/owners and another for agents. Directors/owners have full authority over the entity, including the right to grant and revoke the authority of agents. An agent may not revoke authority of a director/owner.

How do I revoke my own authority?

If you no longer need access to submit filings against an entity then you can revoke your own authority online. If you are a director/owner of the entity you can also revoke other peoples’ authority.