How to search the Register

What does it cost?

Most searches are FREE and you don’t need to log on (or even be a registered user) to search the register.

How do you find a company, a certificate of business licence registration or a business name certificate ?

When you search the register for a company, business licence or business name you can see and even download or email a copy of its current certificate to yourself. The steps are:

  • Begin by searching for the company, business licence or business name by going to  the Register Services tab just above and select “Register Search” from the drop-down.
  • You can then search by entity name or registration number, or you can select the “Advanced” icon for more search options.
  • To obtain a Certificate, from the ‘Details’ screen select the ‘Request Extract or Certificate’ button (near the top left of the screen).
  • You can print or email a copy of the certificate of incorporation and it’s all FREE.

Searching for a director or shareholder of a company, or the owners of a business name or business licence.

Under the Register Services tab above click on the “Role Search” link.  The Role Search tool allows you to determine whether an individual is, or has been, a director of a company. The Shareholder Search tool does the same regarding owners of a company.  You can perform similar searches for the owners of business names and business licences.

Does a company have loans or borrowings secured by its movable assets?

You can investigate whether a company has pledged its movable assets to stand good for a loan by visiting